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Since 2014 Sovereign Tease (formerly Sweet Soiree) has specialized in nightlife, dance parties, cabarets, weddings, lifestyle events, workshops, and corporate/non-profit functions. We are "EOP" - Equal Opportunity Producers - who love to bring community together and truly enjoy making whatever vision for a celebration a reality.  We are the magic behind such events as Kinky Friday and La Folies Burlesk at the historic Gay 90s, Grown & Sexy Pride at First Avenue, The Legends Showcase at the Burlesque Hall of Fame at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, and more.  

Sovereign Tease works with highly talented performers, DJ's, musicians, vendors & sponsors from around the world that we cast in our own productions as well as call on to create the event of your dreams. From fundraisers to book releases, weddings, mitzvahs and birthday parties, to cabarets, variety shows and dance parties, we're available for hire as consultants, full-scale planners, and many support options in between.  

The core of Sovereign Tease is the royal couple Sweetpea & Seven (and of course, beloved fam).  Tawnya "Sweetpea" Konobeck, aka Queen Pea: queer femme, award-winning, international burlesque icon, producer, and health hussy, and Seven Bailey, aka Butch Charming: non-binary transmasculine butch, renown metal fabricator, artist, mentor and organizer, producer and host. Together they bring nearly 40 years experience in production, organizing, and fostering community - and infuse that love and expertise into everything they do.

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